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Robert Pappas ( Trashman107 )
Location: OCide, NY, US
Member Since: July 12, 2007
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2007 Vulcan 900 Custom Most of my mods are listed below in the accessories area. I swapped out my stock 180/15" rear wheel for a 210/17" one that matches the front rim and had them powdercoated gloss black along with a matching pulley. I just recently upgraded to the 18"/240 rear wheel and tire, replacing the 210 setup. I also just added the Sumo-X 6* triple trees (I added a few new pics, ill take some more soon). I had a bunch of other stuff poweder coated too (Big Air Kit cover, fork bullets, etc.). I lowered the rear 2 inches and got a set of Cobra Dragsters that i had powdercoated black. I also added some LED signals and an HID setup. I just recently added a Britt rear fender with a Britt solo seat. I also added some new LED signals for the rear with an LED strip for my tail/brake light. And i added a side mount plate holder with a brake/tail light and some new XoprodoX grips. I will hopefully be doing a couple more small things/details over the winter.
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