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Herman Garza ( hgarza809 )
Location: Castroville, Texas, US
Member Since: January 27, 2010
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VN900 07 Custom- Some mods include cyclops headlight, HyperCharger, custom side lic plate, Kuryakyn Silverbullet rear lights, FI200 and cobra pipes.
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On November 05, 2012:
» ElHard wrote on Trashman107 profile:
Hi Robert. I'm Xabier, from Spain. i'm customizing my VN900 Classic with Meancycles's accessories and I have found your motorcycle. I centre on his back part; fender and wheel... In Spain it is very difficult and expensive to put a 240, so I will have to conform with 210. And i have to ask for little information for help... The first thing. Have you sold the rim and wheel of 210? I must buy one... And second... I like the fender goes more possible plaster to the tire and I am going to put the in

On July 08, 2011:
» hago13 wrote on Trashman107 profile:
Trashman, nice bike! have you ever thought of putting a low and mean chin shroud on. I think that would really take your bike to the next level.

On March 16, 2011:
» firfighter1 wrote on tdx1 profile:
Hey Nick, i wrote to you sometime ago regarding your triple tree, just wondering, did you have to use any special tools to remove and replace your triple tree assembly , I'm getting ready to install mine and I would like to get ahead of the game before I get started, thanks Mike, David,

On March 06, 2011:
» firfighter1 wrote on tdx1 profile:
Hey Nick, he have you been doing, well, I just purchased my new triple tree, and am about t install it, but before i do, I wanted to ask you if yu had any problems with the install, did you have any modifications that had to be done? Hope to hear from you soon.

On December 12, 2010:
» grantp383 wrote on tdx1 profile:
Thanks for you response nick much appreciated.Can you recomend a good bike shop or dyno tuner in sydney? Thanks again

On December 03, 2010:
» grantp383 wrote on tdx1 profile:
Hey Nick Was just wanting some advice on putting the hypercharger and power commander system on i think it looks awesome on your vn 900 i have the same model bike, does it give a lot more power and how hard is it to install? any advice would be helpfull thanks Mate

On October 16, 2010:
» Wayne Cochrane wrote on tdx1 profile:
Hey Mate, Thanks for replying, sorry to be a pain just one more question. The kit I got is a Mortons kit and it came with two spacers about 3 inches long that bolt into the top of the original struts to make them longer, these are the bits I cant work out. Are you saying you never used these? Maybe the kit is for a few different bikes, that would make sense. Cheers Wayne

On October 15, 2010:
» Wayne Cochrane wrote on tdx1 profile:
Hey Nick I know it has been a while since you done your VN900 but i was wondering if you had trouble fitting the triple tree?. The original bearings form mine do not fit the new shaft? was this a problem for you? Also when you take the top peice out of the top of the struts (the small piece with the O ring) the replacements are slightly bigger meaning it wont go back together with the O ring fitted and is actually very tight without the O ring fitted. This dosnt sound right to me and I am conce

On October 11, 2010:
» grantp383 wrote on tdx1 profile:
Gday nick great job on your bike mate.

On September 12, 2010:
» Wayne Cochrane wrote on tdx1 profile:
Love the VN900, very nice job. I have one much the same, I really like the triple tree and headlight. Just wondering which cobra headlight you used, what size is it ? Hard to see in the pictures but is it mounted from the top or the bottom. Thanks in advance as it is so hard to know what a headlight is going to look like on a bike without fitting Cheers Wayne

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