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Grant Pearce ( grantp383 )
Location: Sydney, NSW, AU
Member Since: July 12, 2010
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Metallic Black Custom
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On October 17, 2013:
» Vulcan08 wrote on his/her profile:
just married! looking at adding the road dog trailer to the list for next summer

On January 31, 2013:
» Vulcan08 added new item(s) to his/her Wishlist:
BI101701 BI101703
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On September 18, 2012:
» roxbyplus added new item(s) to his/her Wishlist:
CTL-0100-ITSMOKE TL028-Clear
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On September 12, 2012:
» roxbyplus wrote on his/her profile:
Upgraded the scooter. Will post new pictures soon

On January 20, 2012:
» weldincowboy wrote on mikester65 profile:
i got a ? for ya. hows the headlight holding up? do you have any issues with it getting too hot. im wanting to put 1 on my bike and im just concerned that it will get too hot and melt the harness. any feedback would be greatly appriciated.

On October 01, 2011:
» Akuma2011hk wrote on Vulcan08 profile:
Hi there, I purchased the hypercharger kit for my 08 VN900 Classic and I have some problems of the installation. May I have the installation photos, thanks. My email is have a good day. Ken

On June 08, 2011:
» grantp383 posted new photos:

On May 29, 2011:
» Vulcan08 wrote on his/her profile:
Just got a new place to live. No more parking lots for the scooter. It will have its own garage.

On April 20, 2011:
» roxbyplus wrote on his/her profile:
New additions since my last login are Highway Pegs fitted to the floorboards and a Speedohealer to correct the 11.6% difference with the pulleys.

On March 16, 2011:
» firfighter1 wrote on tdx1 profile:
Hey Nick, i wrote to you sometime ago regarding your triple tree, just wondering, did you have to use any special tools to remove and replace your triple tree assembly , I'm getting ready to install mine and I would like to get ahead of the game before I get started, thanks Mike, David,

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