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PART NO: SUMK485001/41001

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The Mimic wheel is designed for those who do not want to change the front wheel. It is a factory match in 18" x 8.50" for 240 tire applications (tire not included, we recommend Dunlop PA03020110) Or Metzeler PA11010430
Belt pulley is also designed to match the wheel (included).
Both parts are polished direct bolt-on.
OEM rear fender will need to be replaced by KUS111704 or KUS111712.
Left axel spacer must be used on both wheel widths (included).
Light grind on right side swing arm for 240 only, bend brake line tab outward.
Light grind on only the rear fender bosses (on the frame) makes fender to go on easier.
Insatallation time max of 2 hr.
Shipping cost for both items is $45.00 and delivery time varies from 2 to 3 weeks.


This item may be used with the following bikes:

    • » VN 900




On October 11, 2015 rcolon4po2by wrote:
I love the rim, but installation required a lot more than some light grinding on the swing arm from what they suggested in the product installation tips. The rim is still a tight fit very little room for adjustment. They need to post a installation video on how to install the rim least they can do considering the cost of rim.

On June 18, 2013 timdangelo wrote:
Rim and pulley look great, but remember they do not match the machine polish of your stock front wheel. Either call Sumo-x and have them send you a new front wheel in polish or have yours polished or as I did paint them both. The rear rim with the Dunlop tire require a bit of grinding on the rear swing arm. The purchase is definitely worth the cost.

On May 2, 2012 thepunisher402 wrote:
Great buy. No problems with the polish considering its polished not chromed. Everything lines right up from factory parts and new parts. The only thing tricky was figuring out how the pully assembly goes on as there is no directions. I would suggest getting a couple print outs of the rear OEM assembly so you know what your dealing with, with taking apart the factory wheel. I had my front and back wheel chromed which made the bike totaly bad A$$ looking. Just make sure you have the small doughnut washer piece for the left spacer. They sent mine with out one. (sumo-x) but one phone call had it in 3 days.

On April 18, 2011 noelflowers wrote:
looks really good bad had to hand polish myself due to swirl marks other than that great item.

On March 14, 2009 ufodriver2 wrote:
Nice looking rim. Came from the shop a bit dirty..for the money it should have came in spotless. Inside the rim (spoke area) they really did not polish too well and you can see the machine marks...gonna have to really scrub that for a perfect shine. Installation was easy but had to shim the pully away from the rim some as the belt was rubbing the tire without shimming. Had to buff the pully as well as polish marks were left from the shop. Maybe they were too busy to QC the job?? Had to re-install my OEM front pully (I had an aftermarket overdrive) as with the OD pully on the belt was too short and created no clearance between the 240 tire and rear inside mud guard.